If It's Late, We'll Pay The Freight

Explanation, Terms & Conditions

As the industry leader in Work Station Cranes, Gorbel is pleased to announce our new, “If It’s Late, We’ll Pay the Freight” program. This program can be applied to any order for Gorbel crane systems, including work station bridge cranes, I-beam style jib cranes, motorized jibs, WSJ’s and all “quick ship” orders. With this program, if we don’t have your order ready to ship on or before the scheduled ship date, we will credit your account at time of shipment an amount equivalent to the going rate for the freight (by averaging the rates of our two best regional carriers at the appropriate freight classification and using a 50% discount rate).

Delivery often presents itself as one of the most critical components of the sale. Being in a position to guarantee shipment is a great way to improve your odds of landing an order. Gorbel introduces this program in hopes that you will use it as an additional sales tool to get more orders.

How does the program work?

In cases where delivery is important to customers and you offer this program, simply write “if it’s late, you pay the freight” on your purchase order and fax it in (similar to how Gorbel’s 5 Day Quick Ship works). The scheduled ship date will be listed on the order verification we fax back to you, typically one to two days after receipt of order. Again if your order is not ready to ship on or before that date, we will credit your account for the going freight rate.

How can Gorbel afford to offer this program?

We can afford to offer this powerful sales tool because we don’t intend to be late in the first place. Some facts you may or may not know about Gorbel’s shipping track record:

  • We have averaged 99.4% on-time shipments for the past 5 years. Note: only 2% of all North American manufacturers ship 98% on-time, which puts Gorbel in the “world class” category
  • Average days late on late orders is a mere 2.4 days
  • Most Gorbel cranes are shipped in 5 working days or less

Terms & Conditions

Area serviced – program applies to North American shipments only

Products covered – all Work Station Crane & Jib Crane products

Expedited Shipments – program does not apply to expedited shipments (i.e. requests for shipment faster than Gorbel’s original acknowledged date)

Carrier delays – Gorbel is not responsible for carrier delays (we are promising to have your order ready to be picked up on or before the day it is due to be shipped)
Incomplete/inaccurate shipments – Gorbel is not responsible for paying freight on incomplete or inaccurate shipments

Acts of God -- Gorbel is not responsible for delays caused by acts of God

Strikes -- Gorbel is not responsible for delays caused by strikes (e.g. carrier strikes)

Carrier rates --the "going rate" refers to standard carrier rates (not expedited rates or higher service level rates) -- carriers to be selected by Gorbel